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Certainly, it is important to bequeath money, property, jewelry, and other tangible assets. But life stories are valued far above any material possession, especially when they are preserved and protected in a limited edition, heirloom book.

Judith Kolva is a professional personal historian who earned a Ph.D. in the psychology and practice of personal history. Judith founded Legacies in Ink (formerly Memoir Shoppe) in 2004. She has written and produced books for dozens of individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofits. Judith has proven expertise, experience, and flair. You can trust her with your most important asset — your life story.

Legacies in Ink offers three distinct products and services:

1. Limited edition, heirloom books

Legacies in Ink makes it easy to preserve your life story in a limited edition, heirloom book. You simply partner with us, and we handle the particulars:

• Plan book’s scope, format, and voice
• Research genealogy and historical context
• Conduct interviews at narrators’ location, worldwide
• Write and edit narrative (the life story)
• Facilitate selection of photos, memorabilia, historical
  documents (images)
• Restore and archive all images
• Shoot custom photography and create illustrations
• Design ancestral family trees
• Craft custom layout and design
• Manage production (printing and binding)
• Celebrate with a book-signing party

2. Education

The Legacies in Ink team educates family office professionals, financial advisors, and wealth managers about both the theory and practicalities of storytelling skills that build. strengthen, and sustain client relationships.

3. Speaking

The Legacies in Ink team speaks at professional meetings and conducts workshops on a variety of topics related to preserving life stories, the power of storytelling, and how storytelling can build and sustain relationships.

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The Legacies in Ink team invites you to experience our website and discover how storytelling can help:

Family Members use life stories to preserve and protect the family’s legacy.

Family Office Executives use life stories to lead their families to seventh-generation thinking.

Wealth Managers use life stories to build and sustain meaningful client relationships.

Business Owners use life stories to differentiate their business from competitors.

Nonprofit Professionals use life stories to attract new donors and build donor relationships.

Life stories preserved by a professional personal historian:

• Record and celebrate history
• Confer and confirm love
• Pass on values, traditions, and culture
• Bestow knowledge and wisdom
• Teach hard-learned life lessons
• Offer advice and guidance
• Create a sense of belonging, loyalty, and pride
• Document medical histories
• Point out connections between seemingly haphazard events
• Preserve philanthropic traditions
• Build and sustain meaningful relationships
• Prepare future generations for their responsibilities
• Give meaning to the human experience
• Guarantee a lasting legacy

New Book Release

Click the book to flip through Legacies in Ink’s newest book release: Along The Way

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